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Aromastick RELAX

A relaxing blend of aromatic essential oils to assist inner peace & positive thinking.

What is it for?

Aromastick RELAX quickly and effectively deals with everyday stress and supports a good night’s sleep.

Why is this important?

Stress is an adaptive response to our environment and our perception is expressed in the limbic system of the brain. Heightened stress can interfere with daily life and negatively impact sleep.

Who is it for?

Persons faced with elevated stress, poor sleep quality or just wishing to unwind.


Organic Lavender Oil, Organic Vetiver Oil, Organic Mandarin Oil.


Two to three inhalations through each nostril while holding one nostril closed. Repeat as desired.

If used before bed, inhale deeply for five seconds, hold for eight seconds, and exhale for seven seconds. Repeat with the other nostril.

What happens when you sniff Aromastick RELAX?

Published research shows that Aromastick RELAX within minutes relaxes mind and body and reduces blood pressure and heart rate. These effects also contribute to improved sleep quality.

Study results:

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CHF 9.80 /Stick RRP

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