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Social and Environmental Responsibilities

Aromastick is committed to environmental and social responsibility

100% Natural and Organic

We work with natural and certified organic essential oils only. It is the only way to ensure that the ingredients are grown free from harmful pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals that can damage the environment. Also, all our products are free from artificial fragrances, carrier oils and preservatives. You can learn more about our organic certification here .

Managing Plastic Waste

Plastic is still the best material for nasal inhalers due to its weight and strength. Until a good alternative can be found, we are stuck with it. To alleviate the impact of our using plastic, we have decided to team up with CleanHub and their network of plastic and waste collection points across the globe to collect the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of Aromastick inhalers and prevent them from reaching the world's oceans. To learn more about commitment to the environment and our collaboration with CleanHub, click here .

From waste collection to social impact

Through our partnership with CleanHub, we can do more than just support the collection of waste. We are able to support the creation of sustainable jobs with clean, safe working conditions and fair wages.

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