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About Aromastick

About Aromastick

Organic essential oils in patented natural inhalers: a Swiss idea as clever and simple as a pocket knife. Behind it are two brothers with roots in the canton of Glarus and shaped by the natural power of the Swiss Alps. Learn more about the history, the principle and the people behind Aromastick.


As a young company from the Swiss Alps, we are fascinated by the power of nature. For Aromastick inhalers, we therefore use 100 percent natural essential oils from organic cultivation, processed in Switzerland according to the highest quality standards.


Different scent blends with clearly defined modes of action support physical and mental performance in all situations - from calming to energizing. Benefit anytime, anywhere thanks to the handy natural inhalers that fit in every pocket.


The effectiveness of the Aromastick inhalers has been proven by numerous independent scientific studies. The patented stick developed by us ensures a concentrated release of scents for an optimal aromatherapeutic effect.

The Aromastick Concept

Aromatherapy to go - that's the basic idea behind our natural inhalers. But why are scents so powerful? And what makes the Aromastick inhaler so exceptional?

Why scents?

Scents are the fastest way to trigger our brain. Thanks to the «direct connection» between nose and brain, scents are processed within milliseconds. And they have the ability to trigger feelings and emotions: a whiff of roses takes us back to the family garden or the smell of pine needles reminds us of a camping trip many years ago.

Scents consist of hundreds of different molecules. They act via the limbic system of the brain which is responsible for memory, homeostasis, mood and emotions. Depending on their exact composition, scents can influence mind and body in specific ways.

There is no quicker way to the brain than through our sense of smell. A direct connection between the nose and the brain ensures that odours are processed within milliseconds. In contrast, active substances that are swallowed or absorbed through the skin must first enter the bloodstream which takes much longer for them to take effect.

That's what makes scents so powerful. And that's why we make sure that our scents come from 100% certified organic, natural essential oils.

What makes the Aromastick inhaler so exceptional?

With the Aromastick inhaler, the scent molecules reach the nose directly and without loss. Their influence on the body is thus three times more effective than conventional aromatherapy (Schneider 2016). Aromastick inhalers are now used by professional athletes, clinics and in hospitals across the globe.

Three things control the effectiveness of scents:

  1. amount of odour molecules that reach the nose: the higher the concentration of odour molecules, the greater the number and type of receptors that are stimulated.
  2. exposure time: the longer the exposure to a scent, the weaker the effect due to habituation.
  3. the sniff: sniffing transports scent molecules to olfactory receptors and, together with airflow-driven mechanical signals, enhances odour perception.

The Aromastick is exceptional because it addresses these three essential factors for scents to be effective.

What is the Aromastick's patented technology all about?

The patented technology of our Aromastick inhaler, developed in Switzerland, has several advantages over conventional nasal inhalers.

  1. the centrally held filter inside the tube guarantees perfect airflow around it for maximum scent uptake with every sniff you take.
  2. the suspended filter prevents the oils from coming into contact with the tube. This prevents the diffusion of the oils into the plastic and ensures their quality with every sniff.
  3. the patented technology enables contamination-free filling under vacuum.

Why does so much research go into Aromastick inhalers?

We have an obligation to know what our products do. That's why we do research.The specially developed blends are subjected to safety and efficacy studies and we published the results. People who use Aromastick inhalers can be confident that the products deliver what they promise.

From the idea to the innovative product

We’re two brothers from the beautiful canton of Glarus. Born in the Swiss Alps, our Aromasticks are as real and natural as our surroundings. What we say our inhalers do, they do. No lies and no embellishments. Inspired by the nasal inhalers we saw on our travels in Asia, we started Aromastick with a simple goal: to provide people with an all-natural, easy to use and effective method of getting through the day. No chemicals. No preservatives. Just scents from certified organic essential oils, filled into inhalers here in Switzerland.

But can scents from a nasal inhaler help with everyday life? We wanted to find out. We are pleased to say that by now eleven peer-reviewed publications attest to the quality of the Aromastick and that our research is pushing the boundaries of what scents can and cannot do. Our papers are being cited widely, have found their way into clinical settings across the globe and we have even been invited to speak about our findings. Aromastick are entirely produced in Switzerland and proudly bear the Swiss mark of quality.

Nick and Tim Singer

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