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Aromastick NAUSEA

A special blend of essentials oils that have shown to be effective in alleviating stomach discomfort.

What is it for?

Aromastick NAUSEA provides support in moments of uneasiness in the stomach.

Why is this important?

While nausea usually goes away on its own, fresh air, regular sips of tea or water and distraction help deal with the symptoms to overcome the feeling of unease.

Who is it for?

Those feeling unease in the stomach from morning or motion sickness. If symptoms persist, see a doctor.


Organic Lavender Oil, Organic Peppermint Oil, Organic Ginger Root Oil, Organic Lemon Oil.


Two to three inhalations through each nostril while holding one nostril closed. Repeat as desired.

What happens when you sniff Aromastick NAUSEA?

The special blend of essential oils in the Aromastick NAUSEA have been selected according to their soothing and relaxing properties with regard to nausea as shown by independent studies.

Study results:

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CHF 9.80 /Stick RRP

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