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The Idea

The AromaStick idea is simple: pack the power of nature into a simple to use format. Twist, sniff and enjoy an energy boost or a moment of relaxation.

Why Scents? 

Scents have a way of making us feel good. Maybe a waft of roses takes you back to the family garden. Or the tang of pine needles to a camping trip from years gone by. But it’s not just a question of memory. Made from hundreds of different molecules, scents work their magic by triggering the brain’s limbic system, which, in addition to memory, is also responsible for homeostasis, mood and emotion. So, depending on their precise composition, scents can influence the body in very particular ways – and do so incredibly quickly. That’s what makes them so very powerful.

Smart Scents

Not content with merely making blends that smell nice, we’ve used essential oils with very distinct properties that work synergistically, to carefully develop each AromaStick product. The result? Blends with attributes that heighten the effects for specific indications.

Of course, all our products are tried and tested – not just by us but by independent research - to ensure the blends do what we say they do. Research also shows that scents delivered from our inhaler with its Patented Suspended Filter Technology are three times more powerful than scents released into the room. Now that’s smart!

For a list of our studies along with abstracts of our published works, check out  The Research


AromaSticks activate your senses…

  • To enhance your mood
  • To ease and revive your mind and body
  • To improve your wellbeing
  • To help tackle life’s little problems
  • To help you take charge of how you feel
  • To let you escape from your daily routine
  • To enable you to seize the moment
  • To make things go better
  • To optimize your life

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