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The Aromastick idea is simple: pack the power of nature into a simple to use format. Twist, sniff and enjoy a boost of energy or a moment of relaxation. It is clinically effective inhalation aromtherapy, whenever you need it.

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The fastest way to signal the brain

There is no faster way to trigger the brain than via our sense of smell. A direct link between the nose and brain assures that smell is processed within milliseconds.

The scent molecule

Scent molecules are chemical compounds which our sense of olfaction picks up for interpretation. Most natural odorants encountered in everyday life are complex mixtures of many diverse molecules. This also applies to essential oils which can contain up to several hundred different molecules. The most significant role of scents in humans appears to be the modulation of their behavior.

How scents are processed

Scent molecules are processed in the olfactory epithelium high up in the nose where they activate olfactory receptors. From here, nerve impulses are sent to the areas of the brain responsible for their interpretation. One of the primary locations is the limbic system, which is responsible for a variety of functions including emotion, behavior, motivation and memory.

Why an Aromastick natural inhaler?

We have developed a proprietary inhaler with the filter suspended centrally inside the tube which delivers odour molecules directly to the olfactory system without loss of quantity or quality. This design has the added advantage that the essential oils do not come into direct contact with the tube, avoiding diffusion of the oils into the plastic ensuring that each sniff is pure essential oil molecules and nothing else.

Whereas in the past scents had to be released into a room, or applied to the skin, crossing boundaries, blending with other odors and losing much of their power, the Aromastick inhaler now delivers scents directly to the nose. Research shows that scents from an Aromastick are three hundred percent more powerful than when released in ambient air ( Schneider 2016 ).

Every Aromastick has been developed according to the latest scientific knowledge. All blends use only certified organic essential oils and contain no additives, carrier oils and artificial fragrances. The effects are the result of 100% pure plant power.

The Aromastick inhalers are precision injection molded in Switzerland. The inhalerSave can be taken everywhere, is easy to use and lasts up to six months.

The Research

The Aromastick blends are thoroughly investigated for side effects and their effectiveness using measurable parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, cortisol, blood oxygen levels or cognitive performance markers. Consumers can be assured that when they buy an Aromastick they get what the product promises to do. Aromastick, despite the reported effectiveness, are not a drug and cannot replace a medicine. Their purpose is to provide fast, effective support in everyday situations.

Socially and Environmentally Conscious

Since we are benefitting greatly from the environment we live in, we also wanted to give something back. For this reason, we work with 100% natural, 100% organic essential oils. We ensure that the ingredients that we source are not grown using harmful pesticides, herbicides or chemicals that can damage the environment they are from. We have also realised that unfortunately, plastic is still the best material that can be used for inhalers, so we have decided to team up with CleanHub and a their network of plastic and waste collection points across the globe. Our collaboration with CleanHub means we reduce our plastic footprint by helping remove the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of Aromastick natural inhalers from reaching the world's oceans.

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