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We turn ordinary essential oils into smart scents with our patent pending inhaler technology.

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Scents that blow your mind

Three percent of the human genome, hundreds of different olfactory receptors, and millions of olfactory receptor neurons let the human nose discriminate more than one trillion olfactory stimuli.

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Mind altering innovation

Innovative scent delivery technology from Switzerland for a mind altering experience. Simple as that.

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Whatever your mood

Do you feel like a breath of fresh air? Or do you wish to relax your senses? Maybe you wish to energize your mind? Whatever your mood… we can deliver it.


About Us

We are a contract manufacturer of aromatic nasal devices and market our own range of functional inhalers under the trademark AromaStick. If you have any inhaler needs or wish to stock our research-backed, smart scent AromaSticks for distribution, talk to us.

AromaStick AG (plc) was launched in 2008 with the purpose of reinventing aromatherapy. Rather than relying on anecdotal evidence or mystic claims, we set out to develop aromatherapy anew from the ground up. Independently conducted studies using our proprietary, all-natural compositions in our patent pending delivery system prove that we are on the right track. There is no other aromatherapy on the market that can match us in terms of convenience or efficacy. AromaSticks are smart scents that are fast-acting and non-invasive.


Latest Journal Entries

The re-brand so far

Back in January, AromaStick took the decision to rebrand, in order to launch its own AromaStick branded products. Things have been moving along nicely, and over the coming months, the new designs will be finalised, with an intended relaunch across the globe with the all new retail-ready packaging, a new website and a new story set for later this year....
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AromaStick at Natural Products Europe

It has been an incredible few months for us here at AromaStick! A lot of work is going on behind the scenes to make AromaStick even better! We have also just finished exhibiting at the Natural and Organic Products Exhibition at the London ExCel centre. The two day event was a huge success, meeting people from all over the world,...
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